Paid for by the Idaho Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, Susan Eastlake, Treasurer

2019 Legislative Session

Session Successes

  • HB 106 Slow Down Move Over Law - introduced by Rep. McCrostie, makes roads safer by applying the law to tow trucks, passenger vehicles, etc.

  • HB 116 Test All Kits Bill - Introduced by Rep. Wintrow, updates the storage and collection to sexual assault kits

  • HB 158 Homeowner Solar Panel Rights Bill - Introduced by Rep. Rubel - Bars HOAs from prohibiting solar panels, making it easier for homeowner's to own

  • Climate Change Hearing - Thank You to the EET Committee, Rep. Mason and Rubel for hosting the first ever climate change hearing addressing problems and solutions unique to Idaho

  • HJM 7 Memorial for Reproductive Healthcare for Combat Injured Veterans - Introduced by Rep. Green, calls on Congress to provide reproductive healthcare and fertility treatments to combat-injured veterans 

  • HB 187 E-Bike Bill - Sponsored by Sen. Nelson - Makes it easier to own e-bikes

  • French Legion of Honor Award Ceremony - organized by Rep. Ellis in coordination with the governor's office, recognized Emil Reich an Idahoan, WWII veteran, and recipient of the French Legion of Honor

  • HB 12 Opioid Epidemic Bill - Sponsored by Sen. David Nelson, allows easier treatment use of naloxene by first responders for those experiencing an overdose

  • SB 1028 First Responders Bill - Rep. Erpelding - allows for worker’s comp to be utilized for Post Traumatic Stress Injuries for first responders

  • HB 157 Theater Beer and Wine Bill - Sponsored by Rep. Erpelding and Sen. Stennett - Allows sale of beer and wine in historic Idaho theaters, creating additional revenue sources

  • HB 58 the Legend Drug Donation Act - Introduced Rep. Sue Chew, updates the Legend Drug Donation Act, expanded who can donate and receive donation drugs

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